Neverwinter MMO: Forgotten Realms all but forgotten…?

Back in 2002, BioWare teamed up with Atari and brought us a solid RPG in Neverwinter Nights. Since its release fans have seen updates and expansion but it has been over a decade since this game came out and last time that happened I was without Diablo. For many fans...

Squaresoft – Final Fantasy: A legend born from ruin

Squaresoft, at the beginning of their publishing career was a known and respected voice amongst Japan’s seemingly endless supply of studios but not one that had found a break with a hit title that rocked the foundations of the gaming world, until Final Fantasy....

Sandbox vs Theme Park: Which is the better form?

‘Sandbox’ is a term we have all heard of time and time again but when put it in the same sentence as ‘Theme Park’, the relationship may seem cryptic. I’ll give you a hint, we are simply referring to an aspect of game design focused on how...

Dark Souls II: Prepare to die… Again!

Dark Souls II: Mysterious Warrior  РWho is our hero? The past few days have been exciting for me and many many others, concerning the trailers, teaser videos, lore speculation and official gameplay footage with Dark Souls II director, Yui Tanimura. I thoroughly...

Starcraft 2: Kerrigan’s Return

Most Starcraft fans have probably already purchased their copy of this phenomenal story, captured over the original game: Wings of Liberty and the first expansion, Heart of the Swarm but just in case you haven’t been introduced, here you go. I wanted to tell you...
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