New Look For the Playstation Store

Having finally been able to look at the Playstation store for the first time in January (when I plugged in my PS3 for the first time), I liked what I saw. It took some getting used to at the time but it was what we had, I learned to live with it and even come to like...

Star Trek CCG Tourney Back on!

Great news everyone! The Geeks With Wives Star Trek CCG tournament is back on, it will be held Saturday June 23rd at Portal Games in Portland. Bring your best Federation, Kilingon, Romulan decks or even Ferangi, we will take them all, Portal games will also be...

Diablo Goodness

It is finally here, the release of the most anticipated game of all time! Ok maybe that is an overstatement, but its huge! If you have been listening to the podcast for any length of time than you know that we are eagerly awaiting Diablo III. In honor of its upcoming...

Mothers Day

Hey all you fellow geeks out there, don’t forget to give your mom a hug today and thank her for everything shes done for you (and for putting up with your years of incessant video game playing). Today is a day for her. Here at Geeks With Wives we will be...


I know everyone has been looking forward to the upcoming Star Trek CCG tournament at Portal Games, but a slight problem has occurred. Due to a unforseen distortion in the space time continum, the Tournament schedualed for May 19 will have to be rescheduled. Geeks With...
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