New Look For the Playstation Store

Oct 16, 2012


Having finally been able to look at the Playstation store for the first time in January (when I plugged in my PS3 for the first time), I liked what I saw. It took some getting used to at the time but it was what we had, I learned to live with it and even come to like it. Now, 6 years after its inception, the Playstation store is getting a makeover.

Like any six year old at a beauty pageant, the Playstation Store wanted to be the prettiest and user friendly. It faces stiff competition from the likes of X-Box, Steam, the App Store (IOS), and Google’s Play Store (the Android app store).

Announced in London this week and expected to go live October 23rd, the new changes, from what we can tell, look good. Sony says it will be much easier to navigate and better highlight new content (so you can spend your money faster). It will remain to be seen if the improvements are to the liking of the general populace, and it will be interesting to see if Sony can pull off the upgrade without a hitch.

In the end I think I will miss the old store, mostly just because I’m used to it, but as long as this new one doesn’t go all Honey Boo Boo on us, I think we will get along just fine.