Starcraft 2: Kerrigan’s Return

Apr 4, 2013


Most Starcraft fans have probably already purchased their copy of this phenomenal story, captured over the original game: Wings of Liberty and the first expansion, Heart of the Swarm but just in case you haven’t been introduced, here you go.

I wanted to tell you guys about a game you may like, that you previously haven’t enjoyed yet or just were not sure about. I used to be one of those people. Originally I purchased Starcraft, way back in the day for a modest price and played it for hours and hours.. I just loved it. But I wouldn’t call myself a fan, never resonated with me to the degree that say Diablo did or Warcraft 2, another favorite of mine. In my opinion, most people that play this religiously (and there are alot), play Starcraft for multiplayer, while this is an awesome experience and rewarding players with appropriate challenge and rewards, the campaign setting is my favorite aspect of the game and worth your attention!

You start out the game with a familiar friend, Jim Raynor, an ex-marshal looking for solace at the bottom of a whiskey glass. Developers have given you a base of operation which is new to the franchise and you may do other things other than the missions, while in campaign mode, such as talk to npc’s, upgrade your units, play arcade games, talk to friends or play previous missions all while getting achievements and rewards for progress and prowess.

About half way through your are visited by two esteemed Protoss NPC’s with dire news into the future. At this point the story really really gets good and Raynor’s desire to not only save his people, but his lady love, Kerrigan, become an obsession that drives the Terran’s under his command to countless awesome victories across the stars.

Heart of the Swarm takes the story from where it left with Raynor and the character’s onboard the Hyperion (his ship) and continue to fly towards new missions, fears and hope! The story telling is appropriate to the play style, epic and worth each conversation.

Lastly this game has so much content, as compared to the original Starcraft, Diablo 2 or 3 or any stand alone Warcraft, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty and HotS have by far the most content.

So late in it’s life cycle after release, you can pick up a great game, with a good story for a killer price and the good news is it isn’t done yet. So many new aspects have been added and it’s worth a try, even for non-fans, like I used to be! Have fun! Raiders Roll! – “Jim Raynor”