Avengers Forever #1  (REVIEW)

Dec 21, 2021

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Avengers Forever #1 

In Earth 818, the first Avengers failed, and the Earth turned into a wasteland. We see what life is like for that universes Avengers. This version of Tony Stark has taken on a few of the personas of the other science-based Avengers. After Tony discovers something else has drawn the attention of his pursuers, a mysterious spirit comes seeking vengeance. 

Words by Jason Aaron
Art by Aaron Kuder
Color by  Jason Keith
Letters by VC’s Cory Pitt

In this Earth 818, they house the 616 Ghost Rider looking for the Black Skull from the Multiversal Masters of Evil as he and Deathlok search this foreign Earth for like-minded heroes to battle against the omnipotent oppressors. Hopefully, they can recruit the heroes needed in this world and move on to the next stop. 

The story is confusing and difficult to follow at times. With the two main storylines clashing, Aaron cannot maintain a balance between them. The clashing and separation between the two make it difficult to work with each other. 

The art is just as unclear as the story itself. Kuder gives excellent visuals, but some of the panels don’t match up and feel jumbled. The chaotic feeling is also extended to the backgrounds and character profiles. Both lack details, while others, it’s only the character. 

Overall Thoughts on Avengers Forever

Avengers Forever tries too hard to be what it thinks it is. The 818 Tony Stark tried to incorporate too many different Avengers while giving him a cheap weakness. These tiny defects build up and distract from what the story could be. Lackluster ones overshadowed even the panels that were promising. 

Without reading Avengers #750, some of the main plot points are confusing or misunderstood. Hopefully, as a companion to the main Avengers series, the two will allow the overall event to build up coherently. 


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