Avengers: Infinity War Minimates Review

May 12, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War has finally landed in theatres and changed comic book blockbusters forever. As Avengers fandom consumes the world my favorite part of mega movie merchandising has reached my doorstep in the form of Avengers: Infinity War Minimates. These miniature figures featuring Iron Man, Black Widow, The Winter Soldier and The Mad Titan himself, Thanos and minuscule masterpieces ready to take over your self, desk or display case.

Once we crack open that case, we are first greeted by the MCU’s most recognizable and profitable hero, Iron Man. Sporting his new Bleeding Edge armor, this Iron Man Minimate is much more streamlined and sleek compared to previous versions. The suits bright red and gold are striking as the light gleams from the armor thanks to the somewhat metallic paint job. Without the helmet, we get a dower Tony Stark, as he appears to have the wait on the universe on his shoulders in the face of his dangerous foe to date. The detail in Stark’s face almost makes the figure more appealing with the mask off as Iron Man is ready to do business and soaring for the stars in an effort to once again save the world.

Another founding Avenger featured in this set is the one and only Black Widow. Dawning a very different look this time around and from her comic book counterpart, this Black Widow is armed and ready to take down the armies of Thanos. Obviously, the first thing you notice is her vibrant and shortened blonde hair, which perfectly frames her all business facial expression. Her outfit is nothing too special as it just appears to be your typical paramilitary garb, but her staff and stick weaponry allow for some really unique, action-oriented poses. I also love that the sticks can be held in her leg straps, that what sets Minimates apart from other miniature action figures, the attention to detail.

Although he is one of the coolest characters in the MCU, The Winter Soldier Minimate featured in this set is easily my least favorite. Even though his flowing locks and grizzled look are sexy as hell, I can’t get over the giant space between his head and shoulders, giving this figure a very bobble heady look. The new arm looks great and nod to his classic WW II uniform looks spot on compared to his live-action counterpart but I really wish they had made less empty space in the neck area. As it really takes away from this dual wielding bad ass.

Last but certainly not least we have the Mad Titan, Thanos. Starring into your soul with the determination of a savior of the universe, this miniature conquerer is ready to save the universe with a snap of his fingers. Wearing the galaxies most powerful accessories, The Infinity Gauntlet, this Miniate is ready to dominate any space he occupies. The detail from head to toe is outstanding as this Minimate appears to have just walked off the big screen, and is ready to balance the universe. If you can only get one of these figures, its got to be the biggest bad of them all as this tiny figure has a huge presence and despite the heroes that surround him, I can’t take my eyes off the villain and his golden glove.

Minimates aren’t for everyone, I get it, they are small, have tiny parts that seem to get lost easily (especially the feet) and can be kind of a pain to stand and pose without the clear stand they all now seem to come with. But damn, do I love these little guys and the detail, thought and fandom that goes into each and everyone. This Avengers: Infinity War set is no exception as the four figures give us everything that is cool about Minimates and despite their diminutive size, they offer fandom satisfaction on an epic level for this collector.