B Ferg’s Favorite Games of 2021

Dec 23, 2021



The Geeks World Wide Gaming section presents our favorite games and gaming experiences of 2021.

Fire Tonight

Published by: Way Down Deep
Developed by: Reptoid Games
Released on: August 12, 2021

While gameplay is important, sometimes it’s the experience (or memories of experiences that it invokes) that make a game. That is the case when it comes to Fire Tonight from Reptoid Games and Waydown Deep. A short indie puzzler that revolves around a couple who won’t let the fire burning in their heart be extinguished. However, it would benefit them if the fire consuming a few city blocks that separate them would. Players enjoy each character’s perspective as the young couple, Maya and Devin, work to keep their spark alive. Rollerskates, the Walkman, and payphones allow this game to create puzzles that pay tribute to a past decade.

Fire Tonight | Way Down Deep - $5.99

Lost in Random

Published by: EA Originals
Developed by: Zoink Games
Released on: September 10, 2021

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Reminiscent to the graphics of American McGee’s Alice series, Lost in Random’s similarities to that franchise doesn’t stop there. From the unique and odd character and environment designs to the power up’s and abilities, Even’s journey in Random is just about as dangerous as Alice’s through Wonderland. Fans of films such as Coraline will enjoy the stop motion film aesthetic the game exudes in terms of graphics/design. With its somewhat dark storyline, Even’s quest to save her sibling from the Queen is a great puzzle/platformer for players to enjoy.

Lost in Random | EA Originals - $29.99

It Takes Two

Published by: EA Originals
Developed by: Hazelight Studios
Released on: March 26, 2021

Equal parts title and truth, this video game gem takes co-op to a new level. May and Cody, the two playable characters, are on the verge of a divorce. Leave it to the magic of a child’s wish to give them and players a chance to prove how much they need each other. Relying on a co-op, cause-effect mash-up of puzzles, actions of one player allow advancement for the other. Add in a storyline that focuses on finding a way to work together and through it all and you perfect
couple co-op for the cold months to come.

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It Takes Two| EA Originals - $39.99

Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Published by: Wildlife Studios
Developed by: Wildlife Studios
Released on: January 4, 2021

Swapping a mansion for outer space and animals for astronauts would be a simple explanation for how this game is different from another that is “among us”. But adding in unlockable level modes gives players another way to experience the deductive experience. From gaining additional investigative skills by playing as the “Detective” to all-out insanity of “everybody can kill” mode this title has improved the game that came before it.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion | Wildlife Studios - $4.99

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