Back to School Storage Geek Gear

Aug 15, 2022

Celebrate National Back-to-School Prep Day by planning where to put your geek gear when you head to the dorm. These storage solutions look simple, and they get you jumpstarted on your way to a dorm that will keep you entertained between classes, homework, and parties.

Comic Storage

Let’s start with comic storage for those comics you just can’t leave behind. We all know about BCW’s long and short boxes. A cardboard short box can be a storage lifesaver, but these Romany House laser-cut wooden boxes hold about 100 comics bagged and boarded and does it in such style. Most boxes feature plexiglass to showcase one of “The Precious” and hint at the contents inside. He screen prints others for that vintage look.

Back-to-School storage solution from Romany House short box for comics

Card Storage

Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Dragonball Z can get sorted, organized, and ready for your next game. These are also from Romany House. I fell in love with Patrick Corogenes’ simple yet elegant boxes. I wasn’t solicited for this shout-out; just did a bit of shopping. TheGWW scored a sweet coupon for readers, shown below!

Code: GWW

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Back to school storage geek gear card boxes for all those geeky games at the table.

An Audiofile’s Music Box?

He even has an eco-friendly place for your music. Boxes made from sustainable plantation plywood leave your mind at ease. There is a size and divider for your needs. These boxes can slide apart to store flat when not in use. Personalization is available with laser engraving. Most of these boxes are even stackable, which adds to the possibility of growing your collection slowly while in your new home away from home. Did I mention the free shipping in the US!?

45's have a home of their own with Romany House's boxes