‘Bad Boys for Life’s Chris Bremner Set to Write Sony’s ‘Bad Boys 4’ & Disney’s ‘National Treasure 3’

Jan 18, 2020

When Sony’s ‘Bad Boys 3’ was originally going to happen, with ‘The Grey’s Joe Carnahan, a third and fourth film were being planned together. But when things slowly changed, they just focused on a third entry, which became ‘Bad Boys for Life.’ Chris Bremner penned the final draft of that screenplay, with story features from Carnahan himself, as well as ‘The Town’s Peter Craig. Now, Bremner is lined up to write ‘Bad Boys 4,’ according to The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Bad Boys for Life’ is a solid action movie with a strong story. But while there was a sense of finality and closure to it, they still left it open ended by teasing a future adventure. With the good reviews, it is probably a safe bet that there won’t be such a long wait between entries.

But Bremner seems to like writing sequels with long waits between them. ‘Bad Boys II’ was released in 2003, and 17 years later, ‘Bad Boys for Life’ was released. Now he is doing it with another franchise, this time for Disney: ‘National Treasure.’

The last film, ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’ was released in 2007, which was only 3 years after the first one. Bremner is also developing a sequel for that. There is no time frame for when the sequel will be released, but it’s been 13 years already, so the gap is significant like it was with ‘Bad Boys.’

Both franchises are produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, so it makes sense why people think a third ‘National Treasure’ film will work, after the success of ‘Bad Boys for Life.’

It is assumed that Nicolas Cage will return to lead this next installment in the ‘National Treasure’ franchise, but nothing is official yet. It is also expected that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will return for the fourth ‘Bad Boys’ film.

However, it is unknown if Jon Turteltaub, the director of both ‘National Treasure’ films, will return for this third outing. Conversely, it is unclear if ‘Bad Boys for Life’ duo Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi will come back to direct the fourthquel.

Lots can happen with these, as it is still very early stages, but this is the most life either franchise has had in a long time. Here’s hoping both new entries will be satisfying for fans.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Jacob Tyler contributed to this article.

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