Batman and The Outsiders #12 (REVIEW)

May 6, 2020


Batman and The Outsiders #12
DC Comics

Written by: Bryan Hill
Art by: Dexter Soy
Colors by: Veronica Gandini
Letters by: Clayton Cowles

Batman and The Outsiders #12 is the deep breath before the plunge. The issue isn’t loaded with action, but several significant subplots are addressed as the group prepares to deal with the Demon’s Head.

Even though this issue is about getting to something larger, the story doesn’t feel rushed. Bryan Hill’s writing, of course, has much to do with that, but so does Dexter Soy’s art. Small moments seem much more important than they might normally.

(WARNING: Spoilers for Batman and The Outsiders #12 ahead.)

Ra’s al Ghul has put himself in a rather odd position for the impending battle he’s set to have with Batman and the Outsiders.

On the one hand, we see he has an immensely powerful tool in his arsenal. However, he also disposed of several assets — all while he hopes to bring some of Batman’s Outsiders into his ranks.

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Ra’s still holds the upper hand, but there must be a flaw if he still feels the need to recruit others.

The big question going into next issue: what will it cost Batman and The Outsiders to stop Ra’s? Shiva is in as fragile a state as we’ve seen her. Her birthplace has been destroyed and she’s desperately trying to repair her relationship with Orphan, her daughter. If anyone is in position to make a major sacrifice in Batman and The Outsiders #13, it’s Shiva.

Should Shiva survive, will Orphan join her, or does she go off with The Signal? Or does Duke join Cassandra with her mother?

And then there’s Sofia Ramos. Will she stick with Batman, or does something else await her?

In addressing the lingering issues, Hill has created more questions, which is a god thing — so long as everything gets answered.

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