Batman Black and White #1 (Review)

Dec 8, 2020


Batman Black and White #1
DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV, JH Williams, G Willow Wilson, Emma Rios and Paul Dini
Art by Tradd Moore, JH Williams, Greg Smallwood, Emma Rios and Andy Kubert
Letters by Clayton Cowles, Todd Klein, Clem Robins, Steve Wands and Rob Leigh

The Demon’s Fist

One of the servants of Ras Al Ghul has been given a singular mission. One he might not survive, but one he has trained his entire life to perform. As he moves towards his target, the words of his master and the grace, movement and power of his opponent come into focus as the acolyte prepares for his moment. The story is really good. The change in perspective and narrative voice are great and I love how the story unfolds from the character’s point of view.

The art from Tradd Moore was blissful and interesting at first, but it became jarring and visually confusing after a while.


Batman sits above the city he has sworn to protect and laments how it is under attack from something he cannot stop with his fists. A new enemy that will require him to take new measures to support those that will fight it on the ground level.

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JH Williams III crafts a coronavirus allegory for this short story and it’s good. It’s perfect in its length and purpose. His art is well detailed and great to look at in terms of differing interpretations of the character.

First Flight

Batman returns to the cave after a mission to find it overrun with a new breed of Ninja Man-Bats on a mission that will bring a familiar face back into the Dark Knight’s life. With the Man-Bats fighting without discipline and training, Batman will find himself in the position of taking them out and finding them a new purpose with an old friend. Paul Dini crafts a great short story for the character and offers some awesome surprises both in the characters and the conclusion.

Andy Kubert delivers some great art that works really well the back and white motif of the issue and concentrates on the characters.


A slow, deliberate tale of acceptance, change and transformation. Emma Rios delivers an exceptionally moody and beautifully illustrated short that is well told from start to finish.

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Getting word about a kidnapped girl and a dead cop, Batman goes on the hunt. When he finds the location where the girl is being kept, he enters and finds both her and the dead body. As he goes to confront the man who is responsible, he has the sneaking suspicion that he has miscalculated something. A suspicion that will be confirmed when he confronts an old enemy. A great story from Wilson that emphasizes everything that is complicated and layered about Batman and his rogue’s gallery.

Greg Smallwood completed the story with some beautiful art that has a classic noir look and feel.

Score: 8.2


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