Batman: Black and White 100 (Review)

Nov 15, 2020


What’s up, everyone! My name is Kevin and I’m new here. I’ve been an avid DC fan and Batman lover since the 80s, and after years of collecting all things Batman, I am excited to share reviews on some of the items in my collection, both new and old. What better way to start than with this milestone-hitting hundredth Batman: Black and White statue from DC Direct? Let’s get started!!

Since 2005, DC Direct’s Batman: Black and White line has offered quality statues at an affordable price. The line showcases many different artists such as Jim Lee (my personal favorite in the line is his Nightwing black and white) Lee Bermejo, Alex Ross, Greg Capullo, as well as many other iconic depictions of The Dark Knight. Earlier this year, the line released their hundredth statue, and DC used the iconic Batman 423 cover art from Todd McFarlane (acclaimed writer/illustrator, creator of Spawn and owner of McFarlane toys) as its design. 

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Bringing this art to 3D form is no small task, but the sculpt from Jonathan Matthews manages to capture all the dramatic effect straight from the page and into your hands. This statue might just be the holy grail of DC Direct’s black and white line. The cape design has a dynamic, billowing look to it. You can feel the brooding presence of The Dark Knight just by looking at the statue. The paint job is flawless and the logo stands out prominently on Batman’s chest. 

At 10.2 inches tall, this statue is in its own world compared to the other black and white statues in this series. It is also a lot heavier, so be careful when displaying it on shelves. Its heft enhances its stately presence and expensive feel.

For fifteen years, the entire line of black and white statues have been some of the best you can buy, and yet DC still managed to take this one to another level. From the sculpt to the paint detail in the cowl, it’s a notch above any statue at its price point. Congrats to DC Direct on 15 years running strong; with Jim Lee’s Hush Batman and Frank Miller’s Armored Batman available now, as well as Greg Capullo’s Batmonster coming soon, the line doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

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As a collector of many DC/Batman collectibles, the black and white line is by far my favorite Batman-related line and it’s been thrilling to see the progression of the line over the last one hundred releases. Now just give me Jason Todd, Killer Croc, and Clayface statues. 😉

Keep an eye out for an alternate version of the statue (pre-order link below) to be released in 2021, while the current version is available and retails for $135.00. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you!

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(Alternate statue releasing 2021)

Score: 10.0


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