Batman Black and White #2 Review

Jan 26, 2021


Batman Black and White #2
DC Comics

Written by Tom King, Sophie Campbell, Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko, Dustin Weaver and David Aja
Art by Mitch Gerads, Sophie Campbell, Gabriel Hardman, Dustin Weaver and David Aja
Letters by Clayton Cowles, Troy Peteri and Todd Klein

The Unjust Judge

A fire consumes a local church and Batman swoops in to save the kids trapped inside. After rescuing them, he heads back into the heart of the fire to rescue the one person who ran into help and was trapped, the priest. Looking throughout the burning rubble, Batman calls out to the man and when he finally finds him, Batman will discover that there is more than one way to save someone.

A beautifully rich and somber story that touches at the limitations of Batman’s power and the guilt Bruce feels about his mission. Mitch Gerads hit the perfect emotional tone with the art as well.

All Cats are Grey

Catwoman’s latest caper puts her face to face with Batman and the Dark Knight immediately gives chase. As the burglar moves through the city, Batman stays on her heels. After getting away, she finds another cat on the prowl. A cat that gives her an idea about her next run in with the caped crusader.

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A good story that effectively relays everything visually.

The Spill

Batman is chasing the Joker through the streets of Gotham when an explosion overhead causes an EMP pulse that knocks the Batmobile over a bridge and into a spillway that is giving way under the weight of the raging storm. Trapped with water rising, Batman attempts to escape only to be thwarted by Joker who wants to watch his nemesis die.

A good story that showcases the dynamic between both characters.


A new vigilante stalks the streets of Gotham and not only does he have Batman’s face, but also his resources. As Batman chases his mirror image in white, he and Alfred put together the pieces of the puzzle of who the White Bat is as his activities escalate to murder. When Bruce finally discovers where the madman is from, he will descend into darkness to find something disturbing.

An interesting story with great art. The story moves at a great pace, but feels really short. It should have been a full issue on its own.

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The Devil is in the Detail

Batman is investigating the brutal beheading of a series of low level criminals and constantly staying one step ahead of the police with the help of Captain Jim Gordon. When the crimes continue and the evidence pointing to an arcane ritual, Batman puts the pieces together to find that the conspiracy points straight to a city official.

There are some pacing issues with the story because of its comic strip approach, but the story is solid and entertaining.

Score: 8.2

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