Batman Catwoman #3 (REVIEW)

Feb 16, 2021

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Batman Catwoman #3
DC Comics Black Label

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Clay Mann
Colors by: Tomeu Morey
Letters by: Clayton Cowles

For the first time, Batman Catwoman felt cohesive, giving us a chapter that, from start to finish, was enthralling and captivating. The issues with King’s writing up to this point was never with the story itself, but rather, with how it was presented. The constant time jumps in the previous two issues were not just distracting, but oftentimes bogged down the story, as well. However, in Batman Catwoman #3, King’s flashbacks were finally used in a manner that enhanced the story. 

Up to this point, King’s future timeline has seemed out of place — an interesting sub plot, but how did it fit? Batman Catwoman #3 finally put some meat on that bone by showing us what Gotham has become and who has taken the mantle as the City’s protectors. 

Additionally, the other two timelines were just as fascinating and engrossing. In a refreshing change of pace, Batman was not front and center; instead, Selina was the star, and this issue benefitted from that greatly. We get all the things that make Selina such a great character — she’s cunning, deceptive, and ruthless — but it’s her interactions with Joker that really elevated this story.

(Warning: Spoilers for Batman Catwoman #3 ahead.)

While the title of this book is Batman Catwoman, The Phantasm’s presence should command more attention. Up until this point, it’s been Joker and his henchmen who have drawn the ire of Phantasm — but, the real jaw-dropper was who was targeted next.

We are also introduced to Gotham’s newest stewards, both of whom have extremely close ties to the recently deceased Bruce Wayne. With this new wrinkle, it will be interesting to see not just where King takes this, but also if he will give the backstory on how this came to be.

We are finally getting some real juice to this story —and for the first time, I am eagerly awaiting the next issue.

Score: 9/10
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