Batman: Reptilian #1

Jun 21, 2021


Batman: Reptilian #1
DC Comics

Written by: Garth Ennis
Art by: Liam Sharp
Letters by: Rob Steen

Garth Ennis writing Batman, under the DC Black Label? Hard to imagine any comic book fan wouldn’t want to give that a chance. For those who were a bit skeptical, Batman: Reptilian #1 painted a pretty clear picture of what to expect with this six-issue series.

Ennis is not going to hold back this series, as is often the case with any writer working under DC Black Label. His Bruce Wayne should not be sterilized in any capacity. Under Ennis’ watch, Batman should rival Scott Snyder’s Grim Knight. That’s what we get from the beginning of Batman: Reptilian #1.

Naturally, Liam Sharp helps Ennis set the tone. I’ll tell you what: as much as Ennis’ writing is as strong as ever in Batman: Reptilian #1, Sharp turns Batman into the nightmare criminals fear.

Now, it’s near impossible to read every Batman book DC Comics churns out week-to-week, but this is one readers have to make a point to pick up. This Gotham is in its own universe, so you don’t need to know anything coming into the series. And, again, this feels like pure Ennis, so Batman will be ruthless throughout Batman: Reptilian. In fact, Batman says something on one of the last few pages to let readers know just how vicious he’ll be in this series.

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Batman: Reptilian’s story has promise, but the way Ennis writes the character and how Sharp draws him will carry readers through any potential lulls in the plot.

Score: 9

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