Batman: Reptilian #2 (REVIEW)

Jul 26, 2021


Batman: Reptilian #2
DC Comics

Written by: Garth Ennis
Art by: Liam Sharp
Letters by: Rob Steen

All this talk of this new menace terrorizing Gotham, and the only thing I can think about is the way Liam Sharp is drawing Batman. Garth Ennis has been great through the first two issues of Batman: Reptilian #2, but Sharp’s work has been something else.

We need more of this Batman in DC Black Label stories.

The reptilian monster that makes Killer Croc “look like somebody’s pet turtle” sounds like a huge problem, sure. It has taken out some of Gotham’s big bads — have to take this thing seriously. But this iteration of Batman is every bit as intimidating.

Of course, Batman is always supposed to be this menacing figure, but there are plenty of times he’s not. The difference is he feels like less of a hero in Batman: Reptilian #2. That’s in part because he looks like a figure anyone would hate to run into at night. Additionally, Batman isn’t exactly acting the part of hero — which is exactly what we’d expect with Ennis as the writer.

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His Batman is out to erase the newest problem plaguing Gotham, but he has no interest in helping those who may have deserved a visit from this monster. There’s still a ways to go before Batman: Reptilian wraps up, but I know I’ll be sticking with this the whole way through. My only concern at this stage is that this reptilian doesn’t take out all of Gotham’s villains so there’s someone left for Batman should Ennis and Sharp get the chance to tell another story with the character.

Score: 9.0

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