Batman v Superman is the Star of Geek Fuel’s March Box (Review)

Mar 21, 2016


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is upon us and everyone including Geek Fuel is celebrating. While Batman v Superman is certainly the star March’s box, but not its sole focus which is what sets Geek Fuel apart from other monthly subscriptions. Yes, you will receive an exclusive Batman v Superman t-shirt and dubbed “Vision of Justice” featuring the intense glaring eyes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Doomsday, plus a cute Batman V Superman Mystery Mini (mine was the dashing Bruce Wayne) but that’s it from the Cape Crusader and friends. Instead, box holders are treated with a variety of other items that will please every corner of geek hiding inside of you.

The March box offers a wide variety for every geek even if you aren’t a fan of Batman or Superman (I know its hard to believe they exist but they do). While the “Vision of Justice” t-shirt is definitely a huge highlight, the box’s biggest selling point for me was the copy of Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir by Peter David and Stan Lee. This beautiful book is the story of Stan Lee told in comic form and it’s a must have for any uber comic book geek such as myself. It will set you back about $25 in the store so grabbing it in this month’s Geek Fuel box is a steal.

Being a long time gamer, another huge win was receiving a limited edition Legend of Zelda, Link print simply called “The Legend.” It’s a gorgeous poster that will look nicely in anyone’s gaming space or office.

You will also receive a steam copy of Dinocide from Atomic Torch Studios. This game in particular is right up my alley, being a NES inspired platformer set in prehistoric times, it also comes with a map, which if you’ve played this type of game before then you know what a huge help that can be. Dinocide looks like it will go along nicely with all the Far Cry: Primal I have been playing lately.

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Finally most people won’t care about this but as a guy with a wife who always says “I never know what to buy you.” I really liked seeing the Geek Fuel catalog and its Ultimate Geek Gift Guide section. Also, for those looking for a little more history on Batman and Superman’s various comic book confrontations, their is a nice feature on the history of their relationship.

In case you missed it here are all the items featured Geek Fuel’s March box.

  • Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir
  • Batman v Superman Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure
  • “Vision of Justice” Exclusive T-Shirt
  • Dinocide Download Game & Game Map
  • “The Legend” Excluisve Art Print

This month’s Geek Fuel box, as cliche as it sounds, literally has something for every fan. No matter you geeky preference the March box has you covered. If you’re excited about Batman v Superman, the March box has an exclusive tee for your first viewing. if you’re looking for the ultimate comic book about the ultimate comic book writer, enjoy the life of Stan Lee in Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marverlous Memoir.  Looking to please the retro gamer inside us all? Download Dinocide and stand in awe of “The Legend.” Geek Fuel sets itself apart by making sure every box has something for everyone and March is no exception!

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