Becka Noel Studio Unleashes The Warrior Within In Her Powerful and Breathtaking Cosplay

Mar 9, 2016


Name: Becka Noel

Location: New York City, NY

Twitter: @beckanoel


Photographer(s): Dhareza Cosplayza (Wonder Woman and Sejuani), Cozpho Photography (Red Riding Hood, Rainbow Dash, Blue Viennetta and Sejuani), Ron Gejon (Pinkie Pie), Eddie B. Photos (Sailor Pluto) and Mineralblu Photography (Sailor Galaxia and My Little Warrior Ponies group).

What was your first Cosplay experience?
I first cosplayed at New York Comic Con in 2011 as Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham Asylum. I made it almost entirely out of duct tape because I didn’t know how to sew! It was an amazing experience and I was bit by the cosplay bug. 🙂

How long have you been Cosplaying?
For only four years, but it feels much longer!

Who or what inspired you to take up Cosplaying?
Since I was little, I have always loved dressing up in costume. While I was studying fine arts at Pratt Institute, I would participate in the student fashion shows. Sometime after school, I started playing World of Warcraft and fell in love with the designs. I believe gaming combined with my longtime love of costumes eventually lead me to cosplay.

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If you had to pick a favorite Cosplay you have worn, or have seen someone else wear, what would it be?
I LOVE my warrior My Little Pony costume, Pinkie Pie. She is by far the character I relate to the most (we are literally like the same person). I also designed the cosplay myself along with eight other warrior pony costumes to form a group, so it was really a creative labor of love for me.
Absolutely everything that Laura Jansen (Lighting Cosplay) does is beyond amazing. She is my creative senpai. She pushes herself with every new project she tackles and they always come out beautifully. My favorite is probably her golden fawn costume though. I would die to meet her because she is one of the most talented people I’ve even seen.

If you had unlimited funds and resources, what Cosplay would you create?
Ohhhh man. Well a couple of my dream cosplays are Illidan and a Frost Wrym from World of Warcraft and Hawkgirl. All three of these cosplays have been put off because of the wings, which I would like to be articulated. They would probably become my priciest costumes because of this. I am also dying to take a trip to the perfect location to shoot these!

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What advice would you offer to those who are aspiring Cosplayers?
If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask, and remember to have fun! Be nice to everybody because you never know who will pay it forward. 🙂

To learn more about Becka Noel Studio, follow her on Twitter: @beckanoel and check out her Facebook page:

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