Benefits of Technology in the Education Setting

Aug 10, 2021


Recent studies are showing that we can use technology to enhance how education is conducted. While it was previously thought that the use of tech devices in the classroom setting could harm the teaching process, scientific studies are turning this notion on its head.

This article will look at some of the benefits that both students and teachers gain when technology is implemented adequately into our education system. The aim is to highlight the positive effects of tech on education to encourage the widespread implementation of technology in our schools. Here are some of the benefits of tech in education;

Access to Material

Another benefit of utilizing tech in our classroom is that it avails students of easy and efficient access to reading material. For instance, through a tool like the internet, they can access a database that contains virtually any book that was ever written in history.

This makes studying more convenient as students can access any reading material they need wherever they are. Physically going to the library is no longer necessary. Furthermore, the disadvantage of having a poorly stocked library in some schools is a thing of the past. All students are given an equal platform to access any book they need at their convenience via the internet.

The internet not only helps students access reading material, but it is also a top-notch study aid. Students can gather in online study groups and discuss any academic problems they may be facing. In these groups, one gets to interact with fellow students and gain insight into tackling any problems they may face from someone who sees the problem from the same perspective.

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Breaks Monotony

Usually, education occurs through teachers giving students lectures and related examples to explain the topic of the day. While this is usually effective, it can sometimes be very dull and monotonous as the whole lesson is theoretical. This makes it challenging for struggling students to keep up with the teacher, making them lose concentration and start focusing on non-lesson-related activities.

Where digital media is used as a teaching tool, students’ attention is quickly captured and retained since devices like videos and movies are used to provide examples and explanations for specific problems. In addition, these tools help provide visual information regarding the day’s topic. In this manner, the lesson becomes more exciting as it stops being purely theoretical.

More Collaboration

Traditionally, teachers are expected to give lectures as the students listen. Students are only allowed to chip in where they have a question or when the teacher has asked them a question. This means that the system is designed to minimize collaboration/interaction between teachers and their students. Technology is coming in to change this dynamic.

By implementing technology in our education system, teachers can provide students with the next lesson’s content before it starts. For example, notes and lecture videos can be sent to students via email a day earlier and have them go through the material before coming to class.

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This is very important as it greatly revolutionizes the class the next day. Since everyone is familiar with the topic on hand, the lesson is no longer a lecture but a discussion. In addition, students are allowed to provide their views on the topic, which significantly increases interaction between them and the teacher. This system also helps them quickly understand what is being taught as they discuss it from several different points of view.

The traditional teacher lectures only provide information from a single point of view which is the teachers. Therefore, where a student cannot relate to this perspective, it becomes harder for them to understand the topic. However, where both students and teachers discuss the topic, students have a much greater chance of understanding and retaining information as they can easily find a new perspective that they relate to and understand. This one-way tech is revolutionizing today’s education.

There are clear indicators that tech implementation in the teaching process aids the teacher in properly disseminating information. It also helps students understand and retain the given data properly. Gone are the days when it was thought that tech devices would only serve as a distraction to students in the classroom. It is now emerging that the opposite is true. Technology is actually having a positive effect on the teaching process.

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