Blade Runner: 2029 #7

Aug 25, 2021

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Blade Runner: 2029

In ‘Blade Runner: 2029 #6,’ we got to see the replicant underground safely infiltrate Yotun`s facility to rescue Ash. They successfully launched an attack on a power station and gave Freysa up as their prisoner to gain the trust of Yotun.

By: Titan Comics

Written By: Mike Johnson
Art By: Andres Guinaldo
Colors By: Marco Lesko
Letters By: Jim Campbell

Reviving Ash from her tank, she discovered that she had been cured of her back disability. With Freysa being taken by Yotun for an unknown purpose, this might lead to some unexpected outcomes for the replicant underground and Ash.

Caution: Mild Spoilers for ‘Blade Runner: 2029 #7’ Ahead!

Starting the latest issue with more insight into Aahna “Ash” Ashina’s backstory is a brilliant idea. Ash is already a complex and brilliantly thought-out character. This feels like a new layer to understanding her divided loyalties better. Ash finds herself in somewhat of a disbelieve of waking up with no pain and the joy of standing on her own feet. Knowing that this miracle is thanks to Yotun. She states that she will thank him and then kill him.

Setting out to save her love interest Freysa, there is some resistance from the replicant underground. Farhad tries to convince Ash to wait to let the situation play out a bit more. We get to see some of Freysa’s back story when she served as a combat medic in The Battle of Mesa Echo Erebus. Diving deeper into Freysa’s character showing her to be an immensely compassionate person. Showing the empathetic side of Freysa was done with intent. Yuton uses this to his advantage, revealing an unbelievable truth about what occurred in The Battle of Mesa Echo Erebus and how she survived.

Overall Impressions

Yuton is one crafty and smart antagonist. You will find yourself rooting for his cause even if you don’t like to admit it. This man makes sense. Could he have gone differently about reaching his goals, possibly? But that would not have made him such a bloody terrific villain.

The pacing is brilliant. Exceptional writing keeping you engaged from the very first page to the last. All the while staying true to the world of Blade Runner. The art continues to be spot on. Creating the look and feel that you need in this futuristic neo-noir crime thriller.

This issue manages to leave you with great expectations for the following issue. You will be counting down the days till #8 hits shelves.

Score 9.2

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