Bliss # 3 (REVIEW)

Sep 22, 2020



Bliss # 3
Image Comics

Story: Sean Lewis
Art: Caitlin Yarsky

Chapter 3 of Image Comics Bliss is all about “depths”. The depths of humanity, the depths we are willing to go to for family and the depths we are willing to go to save ourselves. With the proceedings disrupted by another kind of “murder”, Perry begins to unravel the pieces of his youth he was “blissfully” unaware of.

Sean Lewis has provided a tale that is equal fantasy and familiar. The “Lords” of the docks while supernatural in nature are rather similar to figures in our own societies. When we hear from the last “brother” we discover how they came to dwell in this part of the city. It seems those in power were not ignorant to their existence, rather content to allow them to prey upon the lesser members of society. A verse from a ballad sung far too often. Benton was easily manipulated to this point. However, now the price to be paid has grown. What was on one side of the scale now has as much weight as what is on the other. His wife or his son, that is what he must choose?

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It is amazing how this book has found a way to have a foot in two worlds. One could easily mistake this as a sci-fi book. The grotesque nature of the “brothers” as illustrated by Caitlin Yarsky doesn’t hide this facet. Yet it is in the narrative that the reality of what is truly occurring brings you back into reality. While a drug that makes you forget, bargains with “otherworldly” entities may seem far fetched, I am left wondering is it really? After all until the “brother” appears it’s Benton who is the books villain. If he wasn’t necessary to stopping Lethe he would have been sentenced without anyone being wiser to his true masters.

Chapter 3 of Bliss showcases why this series has been a great read to me. It asks the reader to stop drinking what the “lords” give us, to look at the world around us and realize the depths we have and are willing to sink to.

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Score: 9.0


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