Blumhouse Taps ‘Destroyer’s Karyn Kusama to Direct ‘Dracula’ Remake

Mar 11, 2020

Listen to them- children of the night! What music they make!

Indeed, the things that go bump in the night are stirring once more in the wake of The Hollywood Reporter reporting that Blumhouse is trying their hands once more at a ‘Dracula’ film. Following the quick success of Leigh Whannell’s modern day reboot of ‘The Invisible Man,’ Jason Blum is once again attempting to revive the library of classic horror movie monsters from the Golden Age of Hollywood. As previously reported, these new iterations will be moderately budgeted standalone films, unlike Universal’s recent attempts at a so-called ‘Monsterverse.’

Speaking of Universal, ‘Dracula’ is not set at the studio as of now. Therefore, the film could be made at a different studio since Dracula is in the public domain, but that is very unlikely because Blumhouse has a first-look deal with Universal.

The most exciting part of this story however has to be who Blumhouse has selected to helm the project; veteran horror director Karyn Kusama of ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ ‘The Invitation,’ and ‘Destroyer’ fame. Additionally Kusama’s frequent collaborators Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay have been brought onboard to write the script. Other details on the film are scarce, but THR noted that the film will be set in the present day, similar to ‘The Invisible Man.’

There is currently no release date for ‘Dracula.’

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Jacob Tyler contributed to this article.

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