Borderlands Movie Release Date Revealed: A Star-Studded Adventure Awaits!

Jun 6, 2024

Borderlands Movie Release Date: Exciting Details Revealed

The highly anticipated Borderlands movie, based on the well-known video game series, is set to come out on August 9, 2024. The movie by Eli Roth, which stars Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black, looks like it will be a very exciting journey on the crazy planet of Pandora.

As the excitement grows, we look at the newest information about the movie’s release date, cast, characters, and story. Come with us as we talk about everything you need to know about this exciting movie based on Borderlands.

Is the Borderlands Movie Still Coming Out?

Silhouettes of main cast of Borderlands, Borderlands movie release date

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The movie Borderlands, based on the famous game series of the same name, will come out on August 9, 2024. Eli Roth’s highly anticipated video game movie has fans counting down the days until its release. The movie brings the crazy world of Pandora to life with an all-star cast and a story full of action.

  • Filming and Reshoots: Tim Miller oversaw further reshoots for the film in 2023 after filming was wrapped in 2021.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: CinemaCon 2022 showed fans behind-the-scenes footage that wasn’t shown anywhere else. This gave fans a sneak peek into how the movie was made.

The Exciting Plot

  • Lilith’s Return: Lilith, played by Cate Blanchett, is a notorious criminal with a mysterious past who goes back to Pandora to find Atlas’s missing daughter. Atlas is the most powerful man in the universe.
  • Unlikely Heroes: Lilith fights alien monsters and dangerous thieves with the help of Roland (Kevin Hart), Tiny Tina (Ariana Greenblatt), and Claptrap (Jack Black), among others.
  • High Stakes: They have to keep the missing girl safe because she has the key to unimaginable power.

The Borderlands movie looks like it will be a must-see for both fans of the Borderlands game series (fun fact: the first Borderlands game debuted back in 2009) and people who have never played it.

Will There Be a Borderlands 4?

Kevin Hart portraying Roland, Borderlands movie release date

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As the movie’s release date gets closer, many Borderlands fans are interested in what will happen next with the game series. People have been guessing when Borderlands 4 will come out, especially since the movie sparked new interest in the series.

  • Gearbox Software’s Hints: Gearbox Software, the company that made the Borderlands games, has said that there might be a Borderlands 4. People are excited for the next Borderlands game because the first one and the ones that came after it were so well received.
  • Developer Comments: Gearbox has said that the story and characters in the movie could inspire new content for the games.

Impact of the Movie on the Game Series:

  • New Game Content: New characters and plots could be added to future games based on what happens in the Borderlands movie.
  • Fan Expectations: Now that the movie is out, fans are looking forward to possible updates and additions to the game series.

The Borderlands movie trailer has made people more interested in both the movie and the game series, which makes people even more excited for new adventures in the Borderlands world. While fans wait for official news, the way the movie and games work together is a good sign for the future of the series.

Who Is the Villain in the Borderlands Movie?

Edgar Ramirez plays Atlas, Borderlands movie release date

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The movie Borderlands adds a new bad guy to the popular video game series, which makes the plot more interesting. Atlas, played by Edgar Ramirez, is the movie’s main bad guy. Atlas is a strong character whose search for unimaginable power drives the plot of the movie.

  • Role in the Story: Atlas is the most powerful person in the universe, and he hires Cate Blanchett’s character Lilith to find his daughter, Isabel.
  • Motivations and Goals: Atlas wants to take control of a huge prize that is hidden in a vault on Pandora. His desire for total power is what motivates him to do things.

Atlas’ Impact on the Storyline:

Atlas’s search for the huge treasure in the secret vault sets up the main battle of the movie. His character is very important for building conflict and moving the story along. Atlas is not like Handsome Jack, the famous bad guy from the video game series. He adds a new level of danger and desire to the movie.

Atlas as the bad guy, gives the Borderlands movie a new and interesting twist. Fans of the video game series will definitely enjoy a new and exciting adventure on Pandora.

Will Brick Be in the Borderlands Movie?

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People who like the Borderlands video game series can’t wait for their favorite characters to show up in the new movie. But it is official that Brick, one of the most famous figures from the games, will not be in the movie. Eli Roth, the movie’s director, has decided that a small cast of characters is what drives the main plot.

Main Characters Included:

  • Lilith: Cate Blanchett portrays Lilith, a well-known bounty hunter with a mysterious past. She is going back to her home planet, Pandora, to find Atlas’s missing daughter.
  • Roland: Kevin Hart plays the role of Roland. He is a former elite soldier who wants to make things right.
  • Tiny Tina: As Tiny Tina, a wild pre-teen who likes to wreck things, Ariana Greenblatt plays the part.
  • Claptrap: Jack Black’s voice for Claptrap makes the movie funnier and cuter.
  • Other Key Roles: Another actor in the group is Bobby Lee, who plays Larry, and Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Dr. Tannis.

Reasons for Character Selection:

The story is about Atlas’s daughter going missing and fighting alien monsters and dangerous bandits. The characters that were picked are very important to the plot. When turning a video game into a movie, the characters often have to be trimmed down to fit the story and pace of the movie.

Some fans might be upset that Brick isn’t in the Borderlands movie, but the story looks great, and the cast is great, too. The spirit of the video game series will be well-represented on the big screen.

Is Handsome Jack in the Borderlands Movie?

The famous bad guy from the Borderlands video game series, Handsome Jack, will not be in the new Borderlands movie. While fans may be let down, the movie presents new characters and bad guys that should make the experience just as exciting in real life.

The focus of the film is primarily on the new bad guys, particularly Edgar Ramirez’s powerful character Atlas. Atlas, who works for the strong Atlas Corporation, drives the story with his search for a powerful treasure that is hidden in a vault.

Exciting New Dynamics:

  • Explosive Secrets: The movie says it will reveal shocking new facts about Pandora, the crazy planet.
  • Alien Species: Fans can expect intense battles with a variety of aliens and dangerous criminals.

Borderlands can explore new characters and storylines without Handsome Jack, giving both longtime fans and people who are new to the series a fresh and exciting story.

Why Did Jack Become Evil in Borderlands?

Looks good Jack is one of the most infamous bad guys in the Borderlands video game series. His rise to power as a megalomaniacal ruler is complicated and interesting. Understanding how he became bad gives you a better sense of the game’s story.

  • Early Life and Ambitions: Jack started out as a good person who worked for the Hyperion Corporation. His goal was to bring order to Pandora, a world that was very chaotic.
  • Key Turning Points: Jack became corrupt after a series of important events, such as betrayal, loss, and an obsession with power.

Transformation into a Villain

The main reason Jack did what he did was that he wanted to control the vaults and their unimaginable power. His cruel behavior and ability to manipulate others turned people who were once his friends into enemies.

Jack went crazy because he thought he was the hero in his own story, which made him feel good about doing horrible things. Figuring out why Jack turned bad gives his character more depth and improves the story of the Borderlands series as a whole, showing how the games can make complex and interesting plots.

Will Moxxi Be in the Borderlands Movie?

In fact, Mad Moxxi, one of the most famous figures from the Borderlands video game series, will be in the new movie. Gina Gershon, who plays Moxxi, brings her own distinct energy and charm to the role, which makes the narrative more intriguing.

Mad Moxxi, who is known for being flashy and having a lot of experience running bars and venues, has a big part in the movie. Gershon perfectly captures Moxxi’s essence, making sure that fans will love her performance.

Moxxi’s Importance to the Plot

  • Key Ally: Moxxi is part of the strange group Lilith puts together to find Atlas’s missing daughter.
  • Influence on the Team: On Pandora, it’s much easier to fight alien monsters and dangerous bandits with her help and the tools she has access to.

Moxxi’s inclusion ensures that the film remains true to its video game roots, providing fans with familiar faces and beloved characters as they embark on this new cinematic journey.

Key Takeaways

When it comes out on August 9, 2024, the Borderlands movie should be an exciting adaptation of the popular video game series. Some of the big names in this Eli Roth movie are Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Gina Gershon. 

The story is about Lilith, who forms an unlikely alliance to find Atlas’s missing daughter. The movie is full of action, comedy, and the chaotic charm that fans enjoy.

  • Release Date: August 9, 2024.
  • Plot Details: On Pandora, the ragtag group has to battle alien monsters and dangerous thieves to find a missing girl who holds the key to unimaginable power.
  • Director: Eli Roth, with additional direction by Tim Miller for reshoots.
  • Official Synopsis: Lilith goes back to Pandora to find a missing girl and, along with some unlikely allies, fights for the fate of the universe.


When is the Borderlands movie coming out?

The movie is set to release on August 9, 2024.

Who are the main characters in the Borderlands movie?

Lizth (Cate Blanchett), Roland (Kevin Hart), Tiny Tina (Ariana Greenblatt), Claptrap (Jack Black), and Moxxi (Gina Gershon) are some of the most important characters.

Will there be a sequel to the Borderlands movie?

There have been hints of a possible Borderlands Cinematic Universe (BCU) with planned future movies, but this has not been confirmed.

Is the movie faithful to the video game?

It’s the movie’s goal to capture the spirit of the games while adding new characters and plots.

Where can I watch the trailer?

You can watch the Borderlands trailer on YouTube, the official movie website, and websites that report on movies.