Obama to study: Video Game Violence

Jan 16, 2013


As per our discussion a few weeks ago in our 65th podcast, I was surprised to see this news break recently regarding the same issue. Of course as listeners could tell, this is a touchy subject for more than just the Geeks, but many people across our nation and ultimately the world, especially Stu! 🙂

President Obama recently made a statement, briefly paraphrased, as a means to study the mental health of young people, whom had committed terrible crimes in the recent past. One here close to the geeks (I was there) and another across our country at a school. He has asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to use federal money (10M dollars) pending Congress gives this the green light, to study media and specifically video games and how they impact us as people in hopes to shed some light on why events happened as they did or maybe a step forward in order to prevent them. Political agendas and opinions aside, this is an interesting move and one I don’t recall happening since Grand Theft Auto got banned from a few countries around the world so many years ago. What are the implications this time and will it affect us?

Amalia joined for episode 65 and had alot of insight to add as well as Brian whom has rallied for a possible rehash of old wounds, creating a more psychological directive to the conversation and perhaps pointing the finger at the way humans devolve into primal acts from not social or media devices but through the degradation of the healthy “mind”. I look forward to this conversation and invite you to come back in the coming weeks for that. Thanks for being here! If you have an opinion, concern or comment please leave us a note here or on Twitter …..@Geekswithwives