Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1 (Review)

Dec 7, 2021


Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1

Examining legacy comic book characters many years after their prime is an easy way to draw in readers. Dark Knight Returns and Old Man Logan are probably the first two examples most think of first. Now BOOM! Studios is adding another aged legacy character to the mix with Buffy Summers in Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer.

BOOM! Studios
Written by: Casey Gilly
Art by: Joe Jaro
Colors by: Joana Lafuente
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire

This first issue is a promising start. When I think about the tone of these sorts of stories, I expect less action and more of the main character having to figure out how to resolve their problem without their fists or powers. They need to reserve whatever energy they can for the big battle that’s to come. Readers get next to no action with Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1, but that’s also part of the problem Buffy faces.

Have you seen this:

This is a look in an alternate universe where vampires and humans have reached an agreement: “vampires cannot harm humans, and humans cannot harm vampires.” At first, you might think that’s simply not ideal for a slayer, but not necessarily the end of the world. Well, it turns out that’s pretty problematic for Buffy.

Furthermore, as she works to avoid fighting during this weird “peace time,” she can’t seem to find her purpose in this world. And by the end of Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1, Buffy is presented with an opportunity similar to one from her past — one that left her scarred.ONly this time, she’ll be dealing with someone she’s never met but has a close tie to.

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