‘Captain Marvel’ Production Start Date Revealed – Delayed To Late March

Recently, fellow Marvel diehards MCUExchange reported a delay on the filming start for Captain Marvel, stating it would begin shooting on an undisclosed “early March” date.

Omega Underground can now confirm their reporting of a delay until March but are adding our own info as the production start date is now expected to begin on March 26th, 2018.

This would also suggest a wrap date sometime in August.

Previously, multiple sources including Kevin Feige had suggested to us that the February start was seemingly a lock. New developments might have contributed to this delay a couple includes the California wildfires, the production recently moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles due to filming tax incentives to shoot in the state.

Another reason is that casting hasn’t been completed and co-director Ryan Fleck is still doing some location scouting.¬†The Avengers 4 shoot is now expected to push into 2018, extending past it’s original December 13th wrap date. Scenes are still being cast for January and could go into February, which could mean Brie Larson might be needed to be on-call for them.

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While stage work will primarily take place in LA, we reported that the production was location scouting the Baton Rouge area in Louisiana. This locale could be a connection to fellow Captain Marvel mantle holder and New Orleans native Monica Rambeau.

The film is still set for a release date on March 8th, 2019.


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