CastleStorm II Coming in July

“CastleStorm II is a charming, cartoonish, mutligenre mashup featuring ballista-based castle-bashing tower defense, hack-n-slash, and the newly added element of conquest with both real-time and turn-based strategy.”

Want to catapult sheep to defend yourself against the undead? Then Zen Studios has the game for you. Want both sides to be victorious? You can do that too! How the game turns out is all up to the player, but not without some “hack-n-slash” combat… and did I mention the sheep catapult? But if fighting the undead isn’t your bag, then you have the option of being the undead, and fighting against the living. This certainly enhances the replayability of the game as you can try and skirt violence, making only one side win, or choose a side and fight for your honor!

If you want to see if this game will interest you, the CastleStorm II Demo is currently up on the Epic Games Store until June 30th. If you like what you see, the game fully releases on July 31st.

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If you’re more into the graphics quality, the game is made in the Unreal Engine, so you know those characters are going to look crisp, and move smoothly across the screen. If PC gaming isn’t your thing, don’t fret! CastleStorm II will be available not only on the Epic Games Store, but on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

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