Change My Mind #15 — Avengers: Endgame Character Power Rankings

May 8, 2019

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In Episode 15, Nick and Wesley rank their top 15 favorite characters from the MCU smash success, Avengers: Endgame. Who comes in at the no. 1 spot? (32:26). But before that, the duo discusses some new movie trailers including the Sonic the Hedgehog movie debacle, Spider-Man: Far From Home internet trailer and our first look at Taron Egerton as Elton John in Rocketman’s music video trailer (5:30).

Then, Nick lets you know what he’s been into in the comic book world (17:45) before he and Wesley recap Game of Thrones S8:E4 “The Last of the Starks” (19:25). Finally, they choose who will protect them in this week’s 2v1 and What’s On Their Mind.

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