Change My Mind #37: Joker

Oct 9, 2019

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In Episode 37, Nick Friar and Wesley Sykes give an early review on the latest blockbuster hit starring Joaquin Phoenix, Joker. Did it live up to the media hype? How did Phoenix match up to Heath Ledger’s portrayal (27:21)?

But before that, they are joined by Tim Weisberg to talk Birds of Prey trailer, Martin Scorsese’s MCU slander and if Phoenix is interested in a Joker sequel (5:01). Nick gives you three comics to keep an eye on this week in his comic book minute (16:52). And we pick sides in a Joker-themed Drinkin’ Buddies pitting Jack Nicholson against Mark Hamill (19:16).

The trio closes the show with What’s On Their Mind (1:08:42).

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