Channing Tatum Considering Directing ‘Gambit’ Himself

Jan 20, 2019

It has been recently revealed that Channing Tatum has left UTA and Management 360. In a recent report by Deadline, the site goes onto reveal after several directors boarding and exiting Gambit (since development started in early 2016) Channing Tatum is considering directing the spin-off himself:

He has been trying to get going the X-Men spinoff Gambit. He has long been slotted to play the charming card-throwing mutant, and buzz has been that he might direct the film after several other filmmakers have been in and out. But there is no start date at this point and its still being worked on.

Now it should be noted that due to the recent Dinsey-Fox merger all Fox projects that are not in production by this summer will be canned by the studio. And will then be rebooted to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe overseen by producer Kevin Feige. So that would mean Gambit would need to be in production filming within the next few months. Which is just highly unlikely.  It should be noted a recent production listing for the film has it slated to begin filming February 15th in both New Orleans and Los Angeles.  However, this has yet to be confirmed…

Gambit has no set release date


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