Channing Tatum Will Indeed Star and Produce ‘Gambit’

Aug 2, 2015

Several days ago The Wrap reported that talks between Channing Tatum and FOX have broken down for the superstar actor to appear in the upcoming X-Men spinoff origin film Gambit. These comes off mon ths of the actor basically confirmed and already announced as producing the upcoming film. This also came out of no were given the actor appeared just last month at San Diego Comic-Con alongside fellow X-Men including Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Now The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Channing Tatum and FOX have indeed struck a deal to appear in multiple X-Men films behind his own spin-off. The reason talks between the actor and studio were getting a little rocky was due to the fact FOX want’s Tatum to play the character for the next decade since Hugh Jackman will be leaving the franchise soon as Wolverine and they need a new lead character. Now Channing Tatum and the smooth talking card slinging X-Man Remy Lebeau is expected to be the new face of the franchise going forward into the next decade.

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Gambit starts filming in October; Hits Fall 2016

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