Check out the best play to earn Cryptocurrency games

Nov 8, 2022

Crypto games that allow players to engage in gaming activities while being provided with a reward in the way of earning some form of digital currency, are known as play-to-earn games. These rewards can then be used in-game or in the real world as they can be withdrawn.

While Cryptocurrency can be earned and used to play a lot of games, it can also be used to bet on games, too. On CloudBet, safe bitcoin esports betting is made available to the players, alongside betting on other games and sports. This means punters are able to place bets on their favourite esports by using the digital currency that they hold – Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. – rather than using traditional fiat currencies.

The definition of a crypto game is accurate. In exchange for your participation, the games give you the opportunity to earn digital assets. Blockchain games allow for the generation of billions of dollars in revenue through the use of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). There exist numerous play to earn crypto games you can play, and here are some of them. 


To make it as accessible as possible, this game, unlike others of its kind on the market, offers both Play-to-Earn and Free-to-Play editions. It also accommodates participants with little prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

In the afterlife, where several factions are battling for dominance, is where Calvaria’s universe is set. As can be observed by the striking character artwork, each of these groups has its own goals and distinctive designs.

Calvaria is based on the Polygon Network, which offers reduced fees and faster throughput, making it perfect for a transaction-intensive application like a blockchain game.


While this game is entirely focused on horses, it also accurately portrays current thoroughbred horseracing events. For instance, if your horse succeeds in the actual world, you profit in Silks’ metaverse.

Silks’ primary function is the purchase, trade, breeding, and racing of thoroughbred racehorses. Rewards are given to players for a variety of tasks that take the form of NFTs.

Avatars made of silk, horses, stables, and land are just a few of the many different collections.

The project Silks Avatars is particularly intriguing because it currently has several NFTs available for purchase.


A new play-to-earn cryptocurrency game called Tamadoge expands on the history of the doge meme. Players can mint their own NFT doge in this game, which they can then care for as it develops from a puppy to an adult doge.

Every doge is unique and has its own stats, strengths and weaknesses. How you raise your doge will determine how it turns out.

When your doge reaches adulthood, combat is imminent. Players can engage in turn-based doge NFT combat in Tamadoge. Winners go up the leaderboards and receive TAMA coins as prizes.

The Sandbox

Players may construct virtual worlds and monetise their gaming experiences in The Sandbox, an immersive metaverse and fascinating GameFi crypto token initiative. It offers a variety of universes to choose from, including ones like The Walking Dead Land and Summer Jam Land. Plots of land, or virtual real estate, are available for purchase within the game.

The assets acquired within the game are NFTs, making them tradeable. Additionally, because there is a limited quantity of plots on The Sandbox, they are rare, making your NFTs have a significant probability of increasing in value over time.


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