Chris’ Best of 2014 List

Dec 18, 2014

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What a great year we had as Geeks. From Television shows to movies, video games and let’s not forget about comics. As a writer for Geeks With Wives I have read and watched all I could to bring you my favorites of 2014. So without further ado I bring to you my best of the best of every genre. Gotham-poster (433x640)

Television Show: Gotham
Yes that’s right Mr. Marvel has picked Gotham. I absolutely love this show. Watching a young Bruce Wayne grow up in the corrupt city of Gotham is edge of your seat exciting. The storyline keeps me coming back each week. Robin Lord Taylor’s portrayal of Oswald Cobblepot is incredible. I believe this show will get even better after the Winter Break with the introduction of Arkham Asylum.

*Runner up: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Movies: Guardians of the GalaxyGotgRG (439x640)
In my opinion this is the best Marvel movie so far. So much fun and Rocket Raccoon steals the show. Not only did Marvel show us another Infinity Stone but they also opened up the whole Universe. Seeing Thanos on his throne and starting his evil ploy just gave me Goosebumps. I can’t wait to see these heroes crossover into other Marvel movies.

*Runner up: Captain America the Winter Soldier


Video Game: Lego Batman 3 Beyond GothamLEGO-Batman-3
This game has not let up. I have played and beat the first two games of this series. I get so much enjoyment running around destroying things and solving puzzles. Now take in the fact that you can do it as your favorite DC Comics Superhero makes it even more fun. There are over one hundred characters to unlock. Make sure to buy the extra DLC for this game. You will get more levels which include Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Trilogy. In the new year Arrow and Suicide Squad will also be added.

*Runner up —- NASCAR 2014


Comics: Amazing Spider-ManAmazing-Spider-Man-1-Cover
Finally Peter Parker is back and in his own body. Dan Slott has done an excellent job of bringing our beloved Spider-Man back. Being introduced to another spider bite victim who was bitten by the same spider on the same day as Peter was terrific. I can’t wait to see Cindy “ Silk “ Moon get going and become another great Hero in the Spider Verse.

*Runner up: Batman 66 Meets The Green Hornet


Blu-Ray/DVD Release: Batman 66 Television Seriesbatman_tv_1 (640x518)
Finally it is out on DVD. This is the show that started my superhero craze. I loved watching this as a kid and even today as an adult. Yes it can be crazy and campy but that is why I like it. When people talk about the best person to portray the Joker I always say Cesar Romero. His laugh is just classic and his antics will always bring a smile to your face.

*Runner up: Guardians of the Galaxy


Geek Event of 2015:  Age of Ultron
I have to go with Age of Ultron. Just seeing Ultron and the destruction he will create makes it number one. Now with the rumor of an appearance of Black Panther and Dr. Strange count me in. This will be a set up for Captain America Civil War so I predict a lot of turmoil in this movie. Seeing Steve Rodgers’ shield broken in half just makes me excited and hoping that May 1st will be here soon.

*Runner up: Star Wars The Force Awakens

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