Chris Pirri’s Top 30 Horror Movies: #1 The Exorcist (1973)

Nov 6, 2015


Halloween has now come and gone but we are still honoring my favorite holiday of the year. I give to you my top thirty horror movies. Now some of these films might be on every list, but some might not. I might even have a film or two that you have never heard of. Just remember this is my top thirty. In other words these films made me cringe or just sent chills up my spine. So with no further ado here is my list.

# 1
The Exorcist (1973)
Directed By: William Franklin


The Exorcist is the best horror film ever made and probably the best horror film that ever will be made. There is no topping this film. The Exorcist has everything you are looking for in a great horror movie. From great writing to excellent acting and cinematography that just shows the world how it should be done. This film went on to receive a plethora of Academy Award nominations and won two of them for sound and best writing.

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A mother (Chris) and daughter (Regan) move into a temporary house in Georgetown so that the mother can be closer to where she is filming a movie. Chris slowly starts to see Regan’s behavior start to turn for the worse. Along with the behavior going downhill we also see paranormal happenings start to occur in Regan’s room. From violent bed shaking to unexplained occurrence, all of which are quite shocking. When all else fails she turns to a psychiatrist who is also a priest. He believes she is possessed by the devil himself and asks the church if he can conduct an exorcism.


The ultimate test of good vs. evil begins with some bizarre scary scenes that will leave you traumatized.


The Exorcist will leave lasting impressions in your brain till the end of time. Every time I sit down and enjoy this movie I still get chills from certain scenes. Believe it or not there are still people who have not seen this film because it is so frightening. I suggest you sit them down and show them what an exceptional movie this is. Plus you get to watch someone jump out of their socks seeing it for their first time.

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