Chris Pirri’s Top 30 Horror Movies: #6 The Omen (1976)

Oct 30, 2015

It’s October and that means Halloween is almost here. In honor of my favorite holiday of the year I give to you my top thirty horror movies. Now some of these films might be on every list, but some might not. I might even have a film or two that you have never heard of. Just remember this is my top thirty. In other words these films made me cringe or just sent chills up my spine. So with no further ado here is my list.

# 6
The Omen (1976)
Directed By: Richard Donner


The Omen is a film by Richard Donner starring Gregory Peck, so how can you go wrong. Well obviously you can’t. This is one hell of a movie. I mean that literally. It seems that the newer films just can’t live up to these standards of years gone by. Is it the acting or did they just concentrate on a better script over special effects? Probably both if you go by this movie is an indication.


Robert and Katherine Thorn are a happily married couple who have it all. He is the United Stated Ambassador to Great Britain and makes a great living. The one thing missing from their life is a child. Katherine is in the hospital and gives birth but the child is stillborn. Just at that moment a Priest comes along and tells Robert that a mother just died giving birth to her son. He decides to take the newborn and claim it as their child. He never tells his wife. The family decides to pack up and leave the U.S. and relocate to England. Years go by and strange events seem to follow the family and their “son” Damien.


Some of the strange things happening to that occur around the family are a nanny hangs herself and a priest is impaled in a very bizarre manner. Could Damien be the offspring of Satan?


This movie has stood the test of time and forever will. Our society needs more movies like this and less of movies like “The Purge”. I want to use my imagination when watching a film and decide for myself what is going on.

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