Christopher Reeve Legacy Reunion to happen at Motor City Comic Con 2022

Mar 8, 2022

Motor City Comic Con 2022 has recently announced a huge reunion that will occur this year. The entire weekend we will be graced by The Christopher Reeve Legacy Reunion, happily put together by the Caped Wonder Superman Podcast. The podcast, hosted by Detroit radio & TV personality Jay Towers and the founder and creator of Jim Bowers, celebrates the legacy of Christopher Reeve and the Superman movies that he is best known for. They talk movie trivia, news, production information and more concerning the films. They also honor the directors, filmmakers, writers, cast and crew of the movies and have some of their number appear on the podcast.

It has been announced that the Christopher Reeve Legacy Reunion will have:

  • Marc Mcclure (Superman I-IV, Supergirl and Justice League)
  • Sarah Douglas (Superman I and II)
  • Jack O’Halloran (Superman I and II)
  • Aaron Smolinski (Superman I, III and Man of Steel)
  • Mark Pillow (Superman IV)
  • Mariel Hemingway (Superman IV)

Also in attendance will be writer Robert Venditti and artist Wilfredo Torres from the amazing “Superman ’78” DC Comics six part series released last year. There will be panels (one has been confirmed for Saturday via the Caped Wonder Podcast), photo ops (including one with specifically the three villains) and a great booth being designed that will have some props from the films.

Personally, I have seen a few of the actors during a previous Motor City Comic Con (the same year that Margot Kidder passed away) and they were all amazing to see. The stories that they shared were very immersive and a thrill to hear. I’m looking forward to seeing the other actors and learning more about Superman ’78 from the writer and artist. Plus, if you are a major Superman fan, take a chance and talk to Jay and Jim. As a Detroiter, I see and hear from Jay Towers daily and talking to him at the convention, he’s in our shared element and also a superfan. I have met Jim once and he is a depth of knowledge and personal experience from him about Superman. I will be looking forward to seeing the two of them again as well as their special guest from across the pond that is a Superman IV aficionado.

Motor City Comic Con will occur May 13-15, 2022 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. Passes run from $30-$40 for a daily pass or $85 for the full weekend. With some confirmed guests like William Shatner, Christopher Eccleston and Alan Ritchson, this year’s show is looking amazing.

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