CinemaCon 16: ‘Assassins Creed’ Footage Description

Today, during the final day of CinemaCon FOX debuted the first teaser trailer for Micheal Fassbender’s upcoming video game adaption Assassins Creed.  Here is the best detailed description from the footage shown exclusively. The trailer effects weren’t completely finished so it maybe a while before it’s released online:

Callum Lynch (Micheal Fassbender) is an inmate on death row who is killed by lethal injection. He wakes up in a Obstergo lab with Marion Colliard’s character watching over him. Alan Rikken (Jeremy Irons) is also seen briefly. She explains to him that he no longer exists in the public eye. They then force Callum into the Animus (Its not a tanning bed looking machine like the games but fully movable contraption that lifts you in the air. Assuming you do all the walking/fighting/moving while asleep like your ancestor does in the past.) You are then transported to the past where you meet the assassin Agulair. Here the trailer does a bunch of quick fight sequences with the Assassin hidden blades (both slow-mo and sped up). You also see a bunch of parkour like the games including crawling up walls, jumping from close line to close line between buildings and lastly a wide shot of the “Leap of Faith”.

Assassins Creed hits this December

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