Clarity Cosplay Pronounces Her Love For Video Games Through Unbelievable Cosplay

Apr 13, 2016

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Name: Jade Casey – Clarity Cosplay

Location: Manchester, England

World Cosplay:

Instagram: @Clarity_Cosplay


Photographer(s): Kevin Pack Photography and

1. What does cosplaying mean to you?
Cosplay means that I can enjoy myself with the confidence in that I can use it for escapism and as well as a chance to creativity express myself. Cosplay gives me the chance to expand my creativity and allow me to travel and experience new things.
Being a character that you really like is an amazing experience everyone should try at least once.

2. What was your very first cosplay experience? What inspired you to take up the craft?
I first tried to make the Nightingale armour from Skyrim. But for someone who’d never sewn before or made anything for myself to wear, it was pretty hard to do, so I skipped that and came back half a year later with worbla and tried it again with Drow Ranger from Dota 2.

3. If you could select a favorite costume that you have worn, which would you choose?
Lana from Hyrule Warriors.

4. And, if you could select a favorite costume that you’ve seen someone else wear, what would that be?
Pipa Wolf’s Naga Siren from Dota 2.

5. What is an upcoming costume that you’re currently working on?
Loki Laevatein from Kamigami no Asobi and Uta from Tokyo Ghoul.

6. If you had unlimited funds and resources, what costume(s) would you create?
Probably Desert Queen Zagara from Heroes of the Storm.

7. How do you prepare yourself, mentally and physically, for an upcoming convention/event?
I do a lot of research on the character before hand, finding references, after that I pretty much just get on with it. I don’t really need to prepare myself.

8. At the end of the day, in your opinion, what is the best part about cosplaying?
Being a character you adore with your friends and being told you look amazing by others.

9. What advice can you offer to those who are aspiring cosplayers?
Don’t cut corners on your cosplay. I do it so much and I regret it later. Save up as much as you can and try to research and budget your costume beforehand.

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