Coin Operated #198: Special Brownie

This week Brian and Cody introduce a new sponsor ThinkGeek!

We recap the Oscars this week and how Brian was correct as predicted for some of the movies. Brian and Cody go to an Oscar party where they dressed up to kill! After we recap the Razzies awards and how Emoji movie is the most horrible movie of all time.

Brian and Cody give teases for what’s to come for episode 200 with Special Guests being announced with some old faces and a few new ones.

We talk Nintendo, and recap the direct with the and how the Switch is getting a Smash game and Dark Souls with an Amiibo. Cody got another version of Final Fantasy tactics and compares it to Evangelion.

Brian still hates the 80’s and Cody doesn’t understand why

We jump the shark a few times but good things to come gearing up for 200.

Drawn & Paneled Back Issue: The Amazing Spider-Man #298-#300 (1988)

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