Comic Conspiracies: Nick Fury

Jul 3, 2014

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What if…


In light of recent events in Marvel’ Original Sin crossover, I had a slight Marvel Universe altering perception. One sentence. There is no real Nick Fury. Whenever Nick gets “killed” it is always revealed to be a LMD (Life Model Decoy) and then the “real” Nick Fury shows up to save the day. Well, what proof do we have that, that the Nick who eventually saves the day isn’t an LMD too? We were lead to believe the previous one was the real Fury up until the point they hacked his head off. Once again in Original Sin, Bucky, aka Winter Soldier, kills Nick Fury, but it is revealed as a super realistic model of a LMD and he follows it’s homing signal to the moon. Yeah the moon, where he encounters the “real” Nick Fury who is, as it would appear from World War 2, so he is 80+ and looking old as hell, and a horde of Fury LMDs behind him.

So if that is the “real” Nick Fury, again, who is to say that that isn’t a life model decoy too? Just because they say it’s the real deal we should believe them, that’s what we’ve been told since 1965. Keep in mind Fury was only created in ’63. So what if this is a long term super-secret 50+ year epic event where we find out that:

A) Nick Fury is just a computer program

B) Nick Fury is the product of Aliens actually controlling our super heroes and just letting us humans think we did it ourselves

C) Nick Fury is like the prototype LMD that they are Beta testing in the field for the actual LMD

D) Who is “they” then?

E) Is there an actual Nick Fury from Earth 616 (main continuity)

Untitled4 (640x247)

Is this the reason Agent Coulson has never been “confirmed” as a LMD in the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show? Maybe it’s because only Fury is a LMD, all others are clones or something else. Instead of being Marvels reset button (Secret Invasion, House of M, and Marvel Now), they never have to explain why Fury never ages even though he should be the same age if not older than Captain America. In the entire marvel super hero/villain/anti-hero (whatever you want to call the character) catalog, there have been less than 20 known cases (ex. Maria Hill, General Ross, Tony Stark). Which helps me believe that the “Nick Fury Model” is the prototype since we are always seeing that one killed and maimed in some fashion, but it takes many years and crossover events to reveal a non “Fury Model” LMD?

To take an even bigger leap, seeing how Nick Fury, if that is even his name, seems to have his hands in every Marvel crossover event or major happening, maybe he is actually the focus of it all. The point being that Earth isn’t the center of the multiverse Untitled5 (413x640)where different realities mix and are hinged (earth 616, earth 1610) like we all thought, but Nick Fury is the epicenter of it all. Everything is based off of him.

So then does that change my theory from a LMD to a …God? Or is he more important than that. Is he the cliché “you can’t kill an idea or a symbol, he is much more than that” Nick Fury is V for Vendetta, he is the mantle of The Batman, he is (insert applicable mentality for the circumstance). His physical body doesn’t need to fight on, the idea there is a Nick Fury is enough? If that is the case, then what was “Nick Fury” based on. Some lab rat who wanted to fight in World War 2 so he made an android? If so, does Ultron know? Ultron seemingly has the ability to spread his awareness to all machinery and technology.  Which would make complete sense since the Marvel Universe tries to have yin and yang. Good and evil. There is always going to be some great evil, as well as a great good. Ultron is the unstoppable program, and Fury the antivirus?

My honest conspiracy theory hope for the cover of Original Sin’s last Issue:

Old ass Nick Fury is standing center, Samuel L Jackson is to his left and David Hasselhoff is to his right. And behind them are all the multiverse versions of Fury. Ultimate, Uncanny, zombies, etc. etc.