Comic Noobs Show #102: The Siege Begins

Comic Noobs Show #102: The Siege Begins

The Siege of Asgard begins! Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin and Director of SHIELD engineers an excuse to attack the newly earthbound Asgard. The Asgardians are caught off guard as the Dark Avengers, The Initiative, and any more soldiers Osborn and Ares can find to¬†attack, but they fight back, hard! Don’t miss this one!

Plus, we continue Superhero Big Brother as Black Canary gets the HoH and Moonstone’s schemes get even more intense. A heavyweight in the house goes down this week, don’t miss it!

Kevin Veldman

Kevin Veldman is the host of The ComicNoobs Podcast. He's hopelessly addicted to coffee, Twitter, and sarcasm. His views do not reflect those of The GWW or any reasonable human being.

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