Comic of the Week: Crossover #11 from Image Comics

Feb 4, 2022

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Crossover 11 main cover

I don’t understand how Donny Cates does it. He’s done plenty of impressive work, but Crossover is something else. And as good as this story has been from the jump, Crossover #11 is without a doubt the best single issue from the title yet.

Image Comics
Written by: Donny Cates
Art by: Geoff Shaw
Colors by: Dee Cunniffe
Letters by: John J. Hill

A series that was already as meta as gets shifted into another gear at the end of Crossover #10, and this week’s issue picks up on the note which the last issue left off. But somehow, things got crazier than I could have expected. It’s not just the story, though.

While reading Crossover #11, I started wondering about Cates’ entire process. (Part of me thinks he has a Pepe Silvia conspiracy board like Charlie Day in It’s Always Sunny.) It’s one thing to tell an entertaining story, but it feels like he could tie himself in a knot at almost any moment. Yet as things unfold from one page to the next, it all flows perfectly.

Crossover #11 feels like something that should be used as a tool in a writing class. I think that’s the most succinct way I can put it.

On top of all that, Cates and Geoff Shaw give readers this wild ending going into the final issue of Crossover’s second arc. This was already a must-read series for long-time comic book readers, but this issue took the series to a new height.

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