Comic of the Week: Killadelphia #23 from Image Comics

Jul 8, 2022

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It’s always amazing when a title somehow raises the bar after such a long run of success. Maintaining excellence is one thing; that alone is a challenge. But improving over and over is something else. That’s exactly what Rodney Barnes and Jason Shawn Alexander have done with Killadelphia throughout the fourth arc, with the penultimate issue now being the best of the arc.

Image Comics
Written by: Rodney Barnes
Art by: Jason Shawn Alexander with German Erramouspe and Nicole Palmquist
Colors by: Luis NCT
Letters by: Marshall Dillon

Plain and simple, they’ve built up to a huge brawl. There’s been a ton of drama and violence this series, but things have never been so tense in the world of Killadelphia. So many key players are taking risks, and it feels like a good portion of them won’t walk away from this.

Throughout Killadelphia #23, readers get to know Toussaint Louverture more, along with his closest ally. They’re total badasses, and their action sequences might be the best Alexander has drawn this series. He obviously does a stellar job with all things horror, but his violence is usually more gorey than actiony. That’s not to say he’s toned things down — he’s just evolving. Who knew someone of Alexander’s character could?

The sky continues to be the limit for Killadelphia

Honorable Mention: Batman #125 – Once & Future #27

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