Cosplayer of the Month: Jeslyn!

Apr 14, 2014


Hello fellow geeks and friends! Welcome to another exciting installment of cosplayer of the Month. Most of the people I have featured have been, what I consider friends. All people I have know from my many years in the convention scene or just from being in the geek culture. Today is rather different. Today the person I bring you, is someone who I am honored to say is truly one of my best friends. Jessica and I met thanks to our amazing love of Star Wars. It was back in 2008 when she, her awesome husband Scott, and myself, were in Attendance at the official LucaArts release party for the Force Unleashed video game. I was one of the official Darth Vaders for the event and that was the night Jessica decided to Unleash her (what is still in my mind the best and one of the first ) Juno Eclipse costume onto the World. Over the years we all became close friends and have been hitting conventions, lots of Disneyland, and all manner of rare geek induced madness together. So with out further ado I am honored to bring my amazingly talented, awesomely incredible, and down right lovely, best friend… Jessica A.K.A Jeslyn !!!

Photo by Britt Dietz

Jessica, tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been cosplaying?

I have always loved dressing in costumes. Whether it was for a school play, for halloween or just for fun, I always wanted to dress up in a costume. I really got involved with convention costuming in 2008 after taking our new puppy to the vet. While there, we met Consetta Parker and she introduced us to the 501st which led to us finding the Rebel Legion.

Tell us some of the characters you cosplay as .

My first real quality costume was White Battle Padme from Star Wars Episode two. Then, it grew into Snow Bunny Padme, Juno Eclipse from the Force Unleashed, a Captain America Dancing Girl USO dress, Jedi robes in the style of Sarrissa Jeng, Avenger Bunny Agent Coulson, and most recently, Apocalypse Princess Army Sleeping Beauty.


What was your first costume that you remember cosplaying and what made you choose that?

My husband is really into Star Wars, so for a friends Halloween barn party I made him a Jedi costume and me the White Battle Padme. People really loved them and we won best costumes. Then we got to know the Rebel Legion and their higher standards so I remade my costume to be approved. I even used to do my own hair every time for that one. It was a two hour chore! I can’t tell you how many times I spent the entire car ride on the way to a troop just twisting hair in a car mirror.

What was the first convention you ever went to and what was your first experience like?

My first convention was WonderCon 2009 in San Francisco. It was the best convention to start out with because both Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill were there doing signings and we got to work with them. I will never forget giving Carrie her Honorary Rebel Cheerleader award and joking with Mark about how there needed to be more sexy women in Star Wars.

Have you seen this:
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Photo by Kevin Green

Out of the many costumes that you have donned, what is your favorite to wear and why?

My favorite costume has got to be Bunny Coulson. The experience of being with so many other amazing costumers in one big group and the sisterhood we have created will live on forever. Oh and I think my legs look dam good in that suit.

Photo by Britt Dietz

Speaking of the lovely Bunny Avengers Initiative, tell us how you got involved with that group that basically broke the internet and how it came about 🙂

Amanda Avery (Iron Man Bunny) is the mastermind of the Avenger Bunnies. She had drawn most of the costumes up. There were four of us girls at a party one afternoon and we just happened to all be sitting around Amanda’s computer looking at this artwork and talking about how much fun it would be to bring to life. One thing led to another and a group was formed and the sewing began. It was such a natural, unplanned thing. We were all involved for the love of the costumes. I think it all came together pretty quickly, like maybe two months.

photo by Britt Dietz

So on the subject of magic just happening from being at the right place at the right time, tell us about the craziest or weirdest experience that you have had at a con?

Hahaha This one has got to be SDCC 2013! Can I just say the events surrounding the How I met Your Mother panel were awesome and then Rumblevator! After parties can turn into some amazing stories…none of which I can share in public.

Sincere apologies to our readers who won’t get to know what happened that night, but seeing as how I was fortunate to be there with you, I can attest to how crazy and awesome that night was 😉

Jessica, you are an incredibly talented and amazing seamstress, when did you first lean how to sew and what was your first project you can recall.

Awe, Thank you for saying that, some days I wonder. Well, it all started when I was around six years old and I begged my parents for sewing lessons. I did lots of little projects, making bags, crafty stuff for holidays, to a little top and skort. i just kept at it learning as I went. I made custom curtains for our first house, then lots of costumes, and now baby bedding for a friend.

Have you seen this:

Photo by Debshots Photgraphy

Is there anyone you look up to in the cosplay community and why?

I would have to say the team of Abby Dark-Star and Keith Zen because of the incredible creations the make together. My husband and I are a team and I love seeing another husband and wife team work so well together. Also, they love to bring in friends to work on costumes with. They promote everyone learning from each other when there are other groups out there that don’t want to share their knowledge. Kathy KayDee would also be a person I look up to in the community. Her attention to detail is amazing, no one else can compare on that level, and her knowledge as a seamstress is just awesome. I spent a week helping her develop the Captain America Dancing Girls dress, I really learned a lot.

Where do you see your self, in the community, in the next 5 years? Would you like to take any of your skills and use them professionally. If so, how?

Where do I see myself in the next five years wow ummm, that’s a tough one. I just love what I do right now, constantly learning and making new things. I would love to see my husband have more than one costume LOL, but that Clone Armor is holding him back. I don’t think I would ever use my skills to make anything other than my or my husband’s costumes because I would stress myself out beyond belief. I do however see myself making things like bags and other simple stuff for commissions or ETSY sales.

Photo by Britt Dietz

What are you working on right now? What costumes are you planning for the future?

Well bunnies do create more bunnies is all I have to say about what I am working on right now for WonderCon Anaheim. I plan to do another husband and wife costume based on something in the ’70’s sci-fi world. Oh and something in latex, also sci-fi. None of that is really an answer though is it. Ummmm

If money and resources were no object, what would be your dream cosplay?

Oh wow there is always something new and cool coming out that I just want it all!

Give us info on where to find you on the web?

For my costuming updates check out

For my crafty sewing skills like me at

For the love of the original cosplay bunnies come like

Photo by Scott M.

I can’t thank Jessica enough for taking the time to let me interview her. I hope that you all enjoyed reading this. Thank you for your continued support and as always, I’m Darth Sparrow and “I will catch you, on the geek side” ;-D

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