Could the Flash solo film feature a Cyborg Team Up?

Apr 4, 2016

Speculation is that the Ezra Miller’s Flash solo film scheduled for March 16th 2018 could revolve around a team up with Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.  Although a Cyborg solo film is not scheduled until April 3rd 2020, the character is expected to be a major part of November 2017’s Justice League Part 1.

Ray CYborg

In a recent interview with Forbes, Deborah Snyder, wife and film making partner of DC film Czar and director: Zack Snyder, mentioned the natural chemistry between Fisher and Miller and hinted that could provide some needed levity to the DC film universe.  While I agree with Mrs. Snyder that there is a need for some levity in a Flash solo film, I don’t think plugging Cyborg in the mix is the right call.

After the trinity (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman), Flash is the most important character in the DC universe and deserves his own film to develop, especially to develop and differentiate his version of the character from Grant Gustin’s beloved television incarnation of the character.  Just as equally with the attention and prominence that DC has invested in the Cyborg character since the start of the NEW 52 in 2011, that character deserve it’s own solo development as well.

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