Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review

Aug 13, 2015

If  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sounds like a game for you, click that link for a chance to check it out yourself.

First Impression:

My first impression made my Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was that, this game is REALLY hard.  I wasn’t able to play much, as it is a one-life-per-round sort of FPS.  It is a tad bit more strategically demanding than the original Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source, but once you start to melt into the games controls and environment, you start to feel how the game moves.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Although, there are different gameplay options for more seasoned players. For example; the casual game-mode is a 1-life, best of 15 match that consists of up to a 10v10, but if there are less than 10 players total, bots will be added to increase fair gameplay.  There are also death-match and a arms-race variants of game-types that consists of buying any weapon you want, or earning weapons by kills.  For more seasoned players, the competitive gameplay is allowed.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This consists of a 5v5 match that only has bots when a play leaves/gets kicked from a match.  It is a best of 30 game-type, which makes the game longer, and ever-more tiring.  It is like casual, but unlike death-match and arms race, a 1-life game-type that consists of true strategy, incredible teamwork, and a gigantic amount of trust for yourself and your teammates.

While this game-type is usually more fun with friends, you will be put into a new kind of ranking system that you start to lose your mind on because it is really,really hard.  Steam also integrated a unique trading scenario where you earn ‘weapon skins’ for your in game items, which can have quite a retail value. Overall, if you have recently just started FPS games, this one may not be for you, but if you’ve played your fair-share, it might be just the game your looking for.

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