May 19, 2022

The Beginning

Ok, so a brand new manga, you probably feel it is a dime a dozen these days. But hear me out, Crazy Food Truck is worth your time. It is a combination of things that should not work but ends up working terribly well. Plus it has fan service, Ah, now I’ve got your attention. As with most, we come for the fan service and end up sticking around for the story, and this even though it is early days might be a story you don’t want to miss.


Story by: Rokurou Ogari
Art by: Rokurou Ogari

The story

Crazy Food Truck follows Gordon, in well his food truck who tracks across a post-apocalyptic landscape. He encounters his unexpected traveling companion Arisa in the middle of the road literally in the middle of nowhere and in her birthday suit. Gordon being the nice guy that he is takes her in and feeds her, he has some difficulty in clothing her though. What Gordon did not realize is that the mysterious naked beauty has an appetite that can not be satisfied easily and she has some rather dangerous baggage. A military organization is hot on her heels, and it seems that they would do anything to get her back.

Why should you give this a go…

Well, as stated previously this feels like a concept of a lot of different things, that should not actually work together. We have Gordon a middle-aged man, with a marvelous mustache. He has the look and feel of a hard man, you know the type, is strong, independent, and pays attention to every little detail. Knows how to handle himself in a fight. But, then you also get to see the father figure in him, that has compassion and patience. Throw in a world that is drowned in sand and water is a scarce commodity. To fish flying around and being caught in the sands. Then we jump to the scarce beauty of Arisa, who is seemingly always naked. On top of that, you have this militia out trying to capture her. And then it is also about food and the preparation and appreciation of it.

Yeah, I get it, it feels all over the place. But somehow the writer finds a way to make everything transition into one other and it is brilliant. The pacing of this manga is tremendous never feeling too fast but also not being slow and cautious. The fighting scenes work and are not over-detailed and easy on the eyes. This could possibly be a future great, but it is still early days should it stay on course this will be a fantastic ride.

Score: 8