Cybernetic dangers arise in Cyborg Issue #6 (Review)

Cyborg #6
DC Comics

Written by: John Sempter Jr.
Art by: Will Conrad

With so many super hero comics out there, I recommend checking out this month’s issue of Cyborg. To get people hyped for Cyborg, I feel DC and the writer John Sempter want more than anything for you to love Cyborg in this current series. And this reader agrees that the current Cyborg comic is doing a great job in building interest in cybernetic hero. This current issue is super important because Cyborg gets a new villain and a new plot thickens.

This issue is also great because like many DC comics, we get to go inside the character’s heads while events unfold. Cyborg is reminded in this issue of when he first became half man/half robot. While Cyborg #6 is about a new character, I feel it’s still all about Cyborg. This new character shows us that Cyborg is very trusting and is eager for companionship. After all, every hero has their personality downfalls.

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If the new character and Cyborg’s character development isn’t enough for you, this issue has great artwork done by Will Conrad. The art is colorful and very detailed. The scene where Cyborg and Variant are in the cyber world is probably the most beautiful artwork in this comic. However, every drawing is great and makes the story come alive in my mind.

Overall, this issue is great and is a great starter for new readers to get interested in Cyborg.

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