Nov 11, 2021




Mythical beasts, demons, and all manners of monstrosity are to be found in Dark Souls: The Complete Edition. Travelers, be weary as this does entail stories of courageous warriors in epic battles of hope and justice but alas the sun does not always shine and darkness may best you yet. Thus, the tales of tragedy that is Dark Souls.


Written By: George Mann
Art by: Alan Quah
Colors by: Komikaki Studio feat. Norah Khor & Sean Lee TCS.
Letters by: Rob Steen

Dark Souls: The Complete Edition is exactly what the name implies the complete collection from Titan Comics, taking all the comics and putting it in one spine. With amazing writing, jaw-dropping art, and adventures that could easily feel like a mini side quest to one of the most successful games of the last decade.

What you will find in Dark Souls: The Complete Edition

Dark Souls: The Breath of Andolus, follows Fira, a fearless warrior on her journey to right the wrongs that befell her kingdom. The journey is full of foul beasts and a shocking reveal about Fira`s past.

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Dark Souls: Winter’s Spite. The warrior Andred journeys to reclaim what was stolen from him, a sacred weapon, traveling into a world filled with dread and ice.

Dark Souls: Legends of the Flame, combines with Tales of Ember. A lone warrior stumbles into a shrine, met by an old woman and a cat. The old woman urges the unnamed traveler to sit and see the untold stories of the many unfortunates that came before him.

Dark Souls: The Age of Fire. Returning to the very beginning of Dark Souls, the Age of Ancients, we follow Andred and his journey into the dark.

Bestiary: A collection of all the foul beasts and monsters that you will encounter through the pages of Dark Souls: The Complete Edition.

Script to Art: Personally, my favorite add-on detailing the journey from an idea to an actual work of art.

Final Verdict.

A must, for all Dark Soul fans and Dark-Fantasy fans. You will struggle to find fault with the stories, and it looks and feels like the extremely dark world from the game. Filled with relatable characters and deep rich stories, to the amazing artwork found throughout the pages. Expanding upon the lore of the land. I can almost promise you if you have never played the games, after reading Dark Souls: The Complete Edition, you will be heading out to your nearest game retailer to pick up those magnificent games.

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Score: 9

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