DC Bombshells: Green Lantern Jessica Cruz Statue Review

The DC Bombshells line launched in 2013 and has been one of their most popular collectible lines. The DC Bombshell character designs reimagine DC characters in 1940’s style. To be honest, this is my first Bombshell collectible, but after seeing this first-hand, I’m tempted to hunt down Catwoman, Starfire, and Supergirl next.

Designed by Ant Lucia, Sculpt by Jack Mathews and about 11” tall, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz is the newest of the DC Bombshell line. Cruz comes prepared to face crime with her projected traffic light, removable cones, handcuffs, whistle and stop sign. Cruz is in full officer attire, ready to stop evil-doers of all species. As one of my favorite Green Lanterns, I’m glad to finally see her represented as a collectible.

The sculpt and paint job is beautifully done. The Green really pops from Jessica’s eyes to the green on her boots. Since this is a 1940’s depiction, you may have noticed that the lantern itself has taken a 40’s look as well, which was a great touch. Jess has the Green Lantern emblem on her police cap, belt, and boots. She also has a classic police badge which states “GL Corps Sector 2814”. Each of the DC Bombshell collectibles come with a standard, circular uniform gray platform with a name plaque it front of it.

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There are only 5000 of these, so I would act fast! This is one of my favorite designs so far, This statue is a must-have for any Green Lantern fans.

Designed by Ant Lucia
Sculpted by Jack Mathews
Size: Approximately 11 inches tall
MSRP: $125.00
On sale: April 2018

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